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Using an auto belay in your facility reduces wall operating costs, attracts more climbers and makes climbing even more fun.  The TRUBLUE Auto Belay gives you additional unique benefits beyond other auto belays.

On this page you can read about those unique benefits. If you want to check out the benefits of using Auto Belays in your facility click HERE.



  Advanced Technology


Smooth descent

TRUBLUE has minimal variation in the descent rate of a child (10 kg min) and an adult (150 kg max).


TRUBLUE utilises non-contacting magnetic braking technology with a reliable self-regulating backup.


Low operating costs

TRUBLUE has no sacrificial wear-parts and therefore no high maintenance or replacement costs.





Meets international safety standards
is designed and engineered to meet international safety standards for fall arrest devices.


Extensive safety testing
TRUBLUE tested during 4 years R&D by an ISO 17025 accredited, specialist testing company.


Descent warning sound
makes a gentle whirring noise alerting those below of a descending climber.




Simple to install

TRUBLUE has a compact modular unit designed to be hung from a top anchor quickly and simply.


Easy to relocate

TRUBLUE can easily be moved to accommodate classes, birthday parties and other group activities.


Has an excellent maximum descent height

TRUBLUE provides the longest range of all modular systems ... 12.5metres bottom of unit to the floor.


Accommodates a wide range of climber weights
is suitable for 10 kg to 150 kg climbers ... ideal for facilities catering for adults and kids.



  Minimal Maintenance Requirements and Costs


Webbing based system

TRUBLUE lines are preferred by climbers and will not damage walls like cable-based systems can.


Reduced webbing wear

TRUBLUE webbing-delivery-nozzle significantly reduces webbing wear and is field-replaceable.


Minimal Maintenance

TRUBLUE webbing replacement is much less expensive than annual 'cable' replacement.


Low cost of ownership

TRUBLUE has no limit on the number of cycles before annual re-certification. 


No costly on-site service visits

TRUBLUE modular units can be sent to our service centre should they need repair or re-certification.


Peace of mind 

TRUBLUE auto belays come with a two year warranty.


Clip 'n Climb International distributes and services TRUBLUE Auto Belays in New Zealand and can also supply product to countries outside of North America and the European Community.

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